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AmberTelcom is coming to the end of it's 18th year offering Adult Business Opportunities to people who are eager to earn extra money and join us in the ever expanding industry of Adult Entertainment. We are an International Company that partners with enthusiastic people like yourself from around the globe who are looking for ways to start a profitable online business from home without the need to invest large sums of money or have previous experience, a business that can be expanded as it grows. We at AmberTelcom have the experience you are looking for having spent 16 of our 18 years within the Online Adult Entertainment Industry allowing us the time to develop and fine tune our business packages. Naturally we can't do everything on our own as being successful requires finding partners who are motivated to join us in one of the fastest moving sectors of the internet, one that has unlimited demand for pleasure. Sex and Money have always gone together with our industry being the most talked about secret yet the least discussed openly despite it generating a multi billion dollar revenue with normal people like yourself becoming millionaires within a short few years. As the internet has grown so has AmberTelcom by becoming a leader in adult technology adding to our exclusive range of products and services not found anywhere else within a single business package. Everybody knows that sex sells so why not take a tour of our website to see how you could run one of our Global Adult Entertainment Businesses and have your share of this lucrative industry by joining us as a partner. AmberTelcom have come a long way since 1996 when we specialised in premium rate telephone numbers soon to be followed in 1998 by the launch of our leading website amberprotel when there were just 147 million users connected to the world wide web(www) being a mere 3.6% of the world's population. Today is a different story with the world wide web(www) being the largest shopping outlet on earth with the figures speaking for themselves. As of June 2015 there were 3.2 Billion people connected to the web and that's still only 40% of the worlds population with thousands more users going online each week. It is estimated that around 80% of internet users shop for Adult Products and XRated Content, put that together with the rapid expansion of networks in developing countries and it's easy to predict an ongoing market growth with many years to come before demand reaches anywhere near saturation point.                                                                                                                     
A fully Customised Sex Toy Store with Play Clothing and Sexy Lingerie plus DVD's A Multi XXX Content Outlet including streaming videos and worldwide live cams An International Dating Club A choice of international niche contact clubs including the ever popular Swingers Club Gambling at it's best with a Virtual Casino offering all of the games you would expect PLUS Poker Natural Health Store including Penis and Breast Enhancement Products (no prescription required) Sex Holidays are catching on fast and we are including this exciting business within some of our packages Virtual 3D Sex Business is the latest in adult entertainment for those who want to have virtual sex with other like minded people For Partners joining us without time on their hands we can offer you a  Top Business Package*(terms apply)
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  • Dating Club that is mobile friendly
  • Dating members joining your club will earn you a good income
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  • swingers club with millions of worldwide members
  • Viagra sales earn high commisions
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